Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Thursday

Memorial Day, followed closely by Father's Day.

What is it about the start of summer that makes us start thinking of cooking? "Quick! Let's all run outside in the blistering heat and make a grill REALLY hot, and stand next to it for a long time?"

OK, that's probably better than making the stove inside REALLY HOT and standing next to that, but hot is hot. (Yes, I too am thinking about cooking. I just got some books on solar ovens, and I'm on the waiting list for a book about cooking Pizza on the Grill...)

Despite the whole concept of cooking in the summer being silly and masochistic, there's been a lot of press about summer cooking recently.

The New York Times talks about three Foodoirs (Memoirs with Food). One of these has us all asking "Have you ever buttered a radish? WHY would you butter a radish?"

NYT also has an article about new summer cookbooks.

NPR has a list of the Ten Best Summer Cookbooks.

Earlywork gives a list of cookbooks for lean times.

Nancy Baggett made Hoecakes, live on NPR one morning, to celebrate The Food of a Younger Land, by Mark Kurlansky.

All in all, the media sources are (a) making me hungry and (b) conspiring to make me sweaty.

I've collected the list of books so you can just get the results, but the articles are all entertaining! (The library doesn't own all these cookbooks. If you don't see a "request it" button, it means it's not available in our library catalog.)

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