Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Thursday - Teen Summer Reading

When you got out of school in May or June, there's a good chance you had a "reading list" for next school year. How many of you waited till the last possible moment to read? (Or just "forgot" and winged it?)

Some of the old Summer Reading lists are deathly dull. You'd think the teachers just didn't realize there was anything out that that had been written after they were in high school.

There's so much amazing teen literature out there. And teen literature is often on the cutting edge dealing with controversial and difficult topics in society.

I still read a lot of teen fiction. The problems the kids in the books face are fascinating and thought provoking.

Shelf Talker, a children's bookseller's blog associated with Publisher's Weekly, asked its readers for an Updated Summer Reading List, for teens. You can see the entire list, or get an annotated short list (with links to the library catalog.)

Try some of these books for yourself this summer. These aren't your old high school English teacher's recommended reads!

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