Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Thursday - Meat Free Mondays

Although it's no longer Earth Month, and the temperatures have been almost scarily, uncharacteristically low this month, it's still probably a great idea to be concerned about Global Warming.

Paul McCartney (who used to be in a couple bands) has started promoting Meat Free Monday.

The general idea here is mass producing meat animals is bad for the environment. (That article says that 18% of greenhouse gas is caused by livestock farming!) If you don't eat meat one day a week, you can reduce the greenhouse gas from that source by about 15%.

What on earth does this have to do with books? Your library has an amazing variety of vegetarian cookbooks! (It's not all about Lentil Loaf any more!)

You don't have to give up all meat, or even give up your favorite fast food place. My sister-in-law did vegetarian for a while. She solemnly explained to me that she had no qualms about defending herself, on those nights when she was viciously attacked by a pepperoni pizza...

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