Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Thursday - The Death of TV

Well, TV isn't actually dying. But if you haven't prepared for the end of analog TV, your TV will be dead tomorrow. I don't know whether it'll be at 12:01 am Friday morning, or at midnight Friday night. (I can't find that answer.) But Friday is the real and final day for analog TV. After that, it's all digital TV. Your TV may not work on digital.

I've been ready for this since the original switch over date in February. I'm a very late adopter. I don't run right out and buy the newest and shiniest toys. I've had a cell phone for less than a year. So investing in a high-def TV just hasn't made it to the top of my "to do" list, and probably won't make it for several years. That meant I needed a converter box for my not-that-ancient TV. (Hey, it's less than ten years old!)

The instructions that came with the converter box were easy, and my TV worked right away after I got it set up, and the channels scanned. (My son had to fiddle a bit with the location of his converter box and antenna to get good reception on his TV.)

Something they're not really talking about much is if you have a converter box, you'll probably need to re-scan the channels once The Switch happens. Apparently a lot of TV stations will be changing their channel location once the switch-over is "official".

I didn't have any difficulty setting up my converter box, but I realize that the technology can be kind of scary. (Really, the instructions are easy!) If you have your converter, but are just too intimidated by all the darned wires and plugs, the FCC has a map and links to help, if you haven't installed your converter box yet. Choose Nevada at the top of the page, and you'll get local information, including free in-home help, if you need it.

There's lots of good info, including a setup guide, on the official DTV website. Head over there and look around. There are especially good links on the far right side of the page.

What does all this have to do with books? This whole blog is devoted to books.

If you're not ready for the conversion, please ignore everything I told you above. Your TV will die (or just broadcast really irritating static). This can be a good thing! It will give you more time to read!

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