Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book for June 2009: To Play the Fool

To celebrate LGBT month, we'll be reading To Play the Fool, by Laurie R. King.

To Play the Fool is the second book in King's Kate Martinelli mystery series. Martinelli is a police inspector with the San Francisco police force.

Martinelli's life partner was paralized in the first book in the series, and Martinelli is working through the difficulties this has caused their relationship, while trying to solve a particularly bewildering murder amongst the homeless in San Francisco.

Their main suspect is a homeless man who will only speak in quotations.

This is a very tasty mystery that gives a lot of insight into the homeless lifestyle, the gay and lesbian society in San Francisco, and just nice police-work all around.

Pick up your copy and start reading today!

Hardback edition

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