Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

Richard Lederer, in Literary Trivia, is playing Confused Conjunctions this week. Unscramble the title (after the "and") and the author (after the "by").

Crime and Men by Dr. Seuss
Gargantua and the Pussy-Cat by Leo Tolstoy
Green Eggs and Peace by Edgar Allan Poe
Of Mice and Punishment by Francois Rabelais
The Agony and the Carpenter by Fyodor Dostoevsky
The Owl and the Ecstasy by George Bernard Shaw
The Pit and the Lion by John Steinbeck
The Walrus and the Pendulum by Irving Stone
War and Pantagruel by Edward Lear

Here are the answers to last week's trivia questions:
(Also from Richard Lederer's Literary Trivia)

1. All the world's a stage: As You Like It, II, 7, 139
2. come full circle: King Lear, V, 3, 175
3. laugh yourself into stitches: Twelfth Night, III, 2, 69
4. neither rhyme nor reason: The Comedy of Errors, II, 2, 48
5. pomp and circumstances: Othello, III, 3, 354

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