Thursday, April 2, 2009

Random Thursday - Living Library

Reading Las Vegas has finally started! Everyone, be sure to visit your library soon, to get your great RLV book bag. They're a snazzy green this year, to celebrate Earth Month, and Going Green!

The library has a variety of great events lined up this month. One of the most innovative is the Living Library.

The Living Library is an unusual program that lets you visit a collection of "books" about stereotypes - Fat People, Native Americans, High Powered Executives, Mormons, Muslims, Witches, Old People, Blind People, Physically Disabled People...

Each "book" is actually a person fitting that stereotype. You can "check out" any of the books and get the chance to ask all your questions about that stereotype, in a unthreatening venue. Your mom told you it was rude, but this is your chance to ask all those awkward questions and have it be OK. Are all Muslims terrorists? Do Witches worship the Devil? Are all Fat People jolly? Are all High Powered Executives addicted to martinis?

You can check out, and chat with, any of these "books" for half an hour, and learn more about that stereotype. When you're done, maybe you won't "judge a book by its cover" any more!

The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District will have a Living Library available this Saturday, at the Reading Las Vegas Book Festival at the Clark County Library on Flamingo.

The entire day will be filled with amazing events - authors, and the Digital Bookmobile, the Used VHS and Audiobook Sale, films, and much more!

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