Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Thursday - Be an author

The Clark County Library has an amazing event series for prospective authors called Meet the Authors.

Many of us would love to be published authors, but are not sure how to go about achieving that goal. This series is a great way to start!

Often the authors on the panel are small-time authors, struggling with getting their books sold. Sometimes they're self-published. They know the down-and-dirty of rejection and struggle.

The next two events, however, are with authors that have Made Good. Vicki Pettersson is a local girl and former showgirl, who has an amazing paranormal romance series, and a new book coming out in June. Pettersson will be talking tonight at the Clark County Library about how to "Get Over Yourself and Get Writing!"

On Saturday, Dan Decker will be here for the hopeful screenwriters, doing a presentation on The Science of Screenwriting. Decker is a bestselling author. His book Anatomy of a Screenplay: Writing the American Screenplay from Character Structure to Convergence has helped countless screenwriters-in-training.

Both events are part of Reading Las Vegas - the library's annual Adult Reading Program. Be sure to fill out and return your reading tickets, to be eligible for fantastic prizes! The more times you enter, the better your chance of winning!

If you're want more help and advice about how to become a published author, Sarah Pekkanen has a great article on the NPR Book Blog about some of the resources she used to create a publishable manuscript. The three titles she recommendes are: On Writing, by Stephen King, Writing the Breakout Novel, by Donald Maass, and Write Great Fiction: Plot and Structure, by James Scott Bell. Her article explains why. You can even listen to it as a podcast!

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Vegas Librarian said...

The writers at the Paranormal Bender tour also recommended the Stephen King book. It must be a great resource!