Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Thursday - Audio Book Readers

Have you ever decided that a book is better in audio, than in print?

That was my experience with the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novels. CJ Critt is an incredible audiobook "voice". Then Evanovich switched audiobook publishers. Critt is a contract reader exclusive to Recorded Books. Once Critt wasn't reading those titles any longer, I just stopped listening to the Plum books. (I still read them, but there's something missing.)

Some books seem almost to have been written to be read aloud. When Neil Gaiman wrote Anansi Boys, Gaiman said he could almost hear Lenny Henry's voice as he was writing. Gaiman himself was the voice for Newbery Award winning The Graveyard Book.

This month's Staff Picks book list is our favorite read-aloud books from childhood. Some of the staff sent comments about their favorite audiobooks. Staff mentioned the Harry Potter books especially, commenting favorably about Jim Dale's interpretation.

Laurie R. King's blog has an interview with the Voice of Mary Russell, Jenny Sterlin. (Scroll down a little bit on King's blog, below the stars, to read the interview.)

Starlin explained the process she, and presumably other audiobook performers, follow when they're recording a book. It's a fascinating look into the profession!

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