Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Thursday - Adult Reading Month

The New York Times had an excellent article about the "Once City One Book" phenomenon. The timing was perfect as the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District is heating up for it's Reading Las Vegas/Adult Reading Month in April.

Y'all remember doing the Summer Reading Program at your library when you were a child? Read lots of stuff during the summer and get prizes! Reading Las Vegas is a lot like that, but for grown-ups.

If you've seen the cool cloth LVCCLD book bags wandering around the libraries in other peoples' hands, and wondered where to get one, this is your chance! As soon as you can, at the beginning of April, stop at the Adult Services desk at your library, and sign up for the Reading Las Vegas program. They will automatically hand you a totally cool cloth book bag! (Supplies are limited, so the earlier in April you can do it, the better your chance is of getting a bag!)

Next, read books and attend library events during the month of April. Here's the kicker - you have to TELL US you did! You should have a small supply of Entry Forms in your brand new book bag. Every time you read a book or attend a library event during April, fill out one of the forms and take it back to your library. They'll have a container where you can drop your forms.

Don't worry, the forms are REALLY short, and easy to fill out. You don't have to write a review or anything!

The libraries will be drawing entry forms out, and the winners will receive Very Cool Prizes. (I haven't seen the prizes yet, but I just talked with someone on the committee, and she assured me the prizes were Totally Cool.)

The theme for this year's Reading Las Vegas is Going Green. There will be amazing events, authors, and programs.

Don't miss this great program, and be sure to get your book bag early!

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