Friday, March 6, 2009

Crouching Buzzard - Characters

Here is a list of all the folk you'll be encountering in the book.

Meg Langslow - Blacksmith and temporary receptionist for Mutant Wizards Games
Michael Waterston - Meg's boyfriend, actor on a hit TV show, and drama professor
Ted Corrigan - "The Practical Joker" - Programmer for Mutant Wizards
George - a buzzard - Mutant Wizards' mascot
Spike - Michael's mother's 9 pound evil dog
Katy - The office wolfhound
Rob Langslow - Meg's brother, attorney, creator of Lawyer's from Hell, and founder of Mutant Wizards Games
Dr. James Langslow - Meg's father
Margaret Langslow - Meg's mother
Frankie - "The Eager One" - junior programmer for Mutant Wizards Games
Elizabeth "Liz" Mitchell - corporate attorney for Mutant Wizards Games
Dr. Brown - Anger Management therapist and creator of the Affirmation Bear
Roger - "The Stalker" - System Administrator for Mutant Wizards Games
Jack Ransom - either "The Hunk" or "The Sane One" - Team leader for Mutant Wizards Games
Rico -"Rhode Island Rico" - Graphic designer for Mutant Wizards
Chief Burke - Caerphilly Virginia Chief of Police
Luis Cruz - "No Nickname" - Programmer for Mutant Wizards
Danny - Police Officer
Dr. Lorelei Gruber - Relationship therapist and moderator for "Lorelei Listens" radio show
Keisha - "The Cyber Goddess" - one of the few female programmers for Mutant Wizards
Dahlia Waterston - Michael's mother and Spike's owner
Eugene Mason - Ex employee for Mutant Wizards
Edwina Sprocket - Deceased owner of a tchochki filled home outside Caerphilly
Anna Floyd - Romance writer
Randall - one of Dr. Lorelei's amorous patients
Clarence "Doc" Rutledge - "The Biker" - Veterinarian, animal activist and animal aggression reduction therapist
Dr. Glass - Dr. Lorelei's mousy husband
Nameless Rabid Fan - trying to get her hands on an early copy of Lawyer's From Hell II
Assorted other programmers, techies and therapists

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