Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crouching Buzzard - Blacksmithing

One of the odd things in this series is Meg is a working blacksmith. In this book, she's temporarily working as Mutant Wizards' receptionist, because she has a broken arm from work-related accident.

Who knew that there were still blacksmith's around? At least, not in the techonologically advanced United States...

In fact, blacksmithing is still alive and well. There are smiths, goldsmiths (working primarily in jewelry and small ornamental metal work), farriers and artistic metal workers, and others all around. Farriers still make horseshoes (but that's not all they do by a long shot!). Blacksmiths still make everything from nails

to swords.

In an earlier book, Meg was selling fuchsia cast-iron flamingos.

We only ever get to see Meg actually at the forge once, so far in the series. At the beginning of Cockatiels at Seven, Meg is in her workshop, forging some decorative towel racks (This is a short you-tube showing something very similar to what she would have been doing) to sell at an upcoming craft show.

I can watch blacksmiths work for hours, assuming I have good earplugs. Smithing is loud, hot, dirty, kind of dangerous, and a lot of fun! I wish we could see more of Meg at the forge.

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