Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Book for April 2009 - The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey

I've mentioned once or twice that April is Reading Las Vegas month - that's the Adult Reading program, similar to the Summer Reading Program you probably remember from when you were a kid, but for grownups. (And you still get prizes!)

The theme for the month is "Going Green", so we're going to read a ecological classic: The Monkey Wrench Gang, by Edward Abbey. The annotation says the book is "an uproarious blend of chaos, conflict, and comedy." I'm not sure I can agree with that description.

For the first time, I think we need to talk about Book Discussion Etiquette. I'm about half-way through this book, and I'm pretty much hating every page.

I'm not hating it because it's poorly written. It's well written and entertaining. It's a pretty easy read.

I'm not hating it bacause I disagree with the characters' beliefs. I've been a hippie-greenie-treehugger since the first Earth Day.

I'm hating it because I dislike the characters intensly, and hate what they're doing. My response to this theoretical comedy classic tells me people are going to have some strong opinions about this book, and not everyone will agree.

So here are the rules:
  • Everyone gets to voice their opinion. (Please do!)
  • Anyone else is free to say "You're nuts!" (It'd be nice if you can then -calmly- explain why.)
  • We're all going to play nice and respect each others' opinions, even if we don't agree with them.
  • After the discussion, we should all be able to go out and share a convivial beverage, without tearing the drinking establishment to pieces.
Remember - I see and can approve or delete any comments before they're published. This is a family forum, so keep your language clean, and your comments positive. I won't delete comments just because I don't agree with them. I will delete nasty, mean comments.

Play nice, guys!

OK, so go get your books and start reading:

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