Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Good Pig - What pigs eat

Good Good Pig CoverThe author keeps talking about Chris and his absolute dedication to the act of eating. She also talks a lot about what Chris will and will not eat. Who knew there were picky pigs?

Bottom line, what do pigs eat?

Pigs are omnivores. That means, like humans, they will eat anything. Humans have like and dislikes. (I dislike rasberries!) So it's not beyond imagining that pigs would have foods they don't care for.

When I think of feeding a pig, I imagine the old days of "slopping the pig." Every bit of food scrap would go into the pig's bucket - spoiled milk, half eaten bagels, vegetable peelings, table scrapings, pretty much everything.

Since pigs are so similar to humans, Chuck Wooster (in Living with Pigs) strongly recommends NOT feeding table scraps to pigs. Any buggies the family had would be transmitted to the pig.

Sy Montgomery strongly suggests that feeding meat to pigs makes their solid waste smell bad, and that vegetarian pigs have better smelling excretions. (I wonder whether that's true for vegetarian humans?)

The current literature suggests feeding pigs - both pet and food pigs - pig chow - essentially a grain based diet. If you're raising meat pigs, the controlled diet helps get them to "market weight" more quickly and efficiently. If you're raising a pet pig, a controlled diet can keep your pet from growing too large.

Montgomery mentions over and over that Chris is an omnivore, and theoretically could (and might) eat a person.

Would you want to keep a pet that could realistically eat you?

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