Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Good Pig - Sy Montgomery

Good Good Pig CoverSy Montgomery is Chris' owner. She is a nature author, and is married to a noted history author.

When you read her biography on her and Howard Mansfield's web page, it'll just make your toes curl. (Bitten by a vampire bat, spending time in a pit of snakes...)

She's written a stack of books, for both adults and children (many of which she metions in the book):

Adult Titles:
  • The Good Good Pig

  • Search for the Golden Moon Bear: Science and Adventure in Pursuit of a New Species

  • Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest

  • Spell of the Tiger: The Man-Eaters of Sundarbans

  • The Wild Out Your Window

  • The Curious Naturalist: Nature's Everyday Mysteries

  • Walking With The Great Apes: Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, Birute Galdikas

  • Seasons of the Wild

  • Nature's Everyday Mysteries - With a Foreword by Roger Tory Peterson

  • Seasons of the Wild & Nature's Everyday Mysteries (in one volume)
Children's Titles:
Sy Montgomery's husband is Howard Mansfield, who writes history books. Montgomery mentions many of these in the book also.

Adult Titles:
  • Where The Mountain Stands Alone - Stories of Place in the Monadnock Region

  • The Bones of the Earth

  • The Same Ax, Twice: Restoration and Renewal in a Throw-Away Age

  • In The Memory House

  • Skylark: The Life, Lies and Inventions of Harry Atwood

  • Cosmopolis: Yesterday's Cities of the Future
Children's Titles:
Do you think it's important that Montgomery is a nature author? Do you think the would would have been better or worse, if she'd been a different sort of author?

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