Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Good Pig - Death of a Pet

Good Good Pig CoverDealing with the death of a pet is definitely a non-trivial event. Often a pet has lived with you for many years. In a lot of cases, the pet will have been with you longer that a child or a spouse. It's not surprising that a pet's death can affect us so profoundly.

Unfortunately, it's easy to dismiss the loss... "It was only a cat..."

More and more places are acknowledging that this loss can be extremely traumatic. Here are some sites that deal with the topic:

Humane Society - Coping with the death of your pet


ASPCA - Ask the Expert about Pet Loss

Euthanasia and death of a pet

Explaining pet death to children

Ten tips on coping with pet loss

PBS Kids: Dealing with death - pet loss

ASPCA - Helping your child when the family pet dies

The library has an excellent selection of books for adults and children on the topic.

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