Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Women's Country - Sheri Tepper

Sheri S. Tepper was born Shirley Stewart Douglas in 1929. She has since written under a variety of psuedonyms: E. E. Horlak, B.J. Oliphant, A. J. Orde, and Sheri S. Eberhart.

Currently she is a ranch owner in New Mexico, as well as a writer. In the 60's - 80's, she worked with Planned Parenthood in Denver, and became their executive director.

She's written in a variety of genres. She's best know for her science and speculative fiction books. But she's also written straight fantasy (the True Game series), contemporary western mysteries (under the pseudonyms B. J. Oliphant and A. J. Orde) and some truly gruesome horror (sometimes using the pseudonym E. E. Horlak.) You often see horror elements creeping into her other novels.

Tepper is a very spotty writer. She has written some books so amazing they can be considered classics, such as The Gate to Women's Country, The Fresco, The Family Tree, and Gibbon's Decline and Fall.The she's written some of the most forgettable novels ever, such as The Visitor, Six Moon Dance and Singer from the Sea. (Please feel free to disagree with my evaluation - that's my opinion only.) Her (long out-of-print) mystery novels are enjoyable.

I'm always eager when a new Tepper book is coming out. I never know if it's going to be one that changes my outlook on life, or if it will be one of the forgettable ones. (There seems to be no middle ground, but The Companions came closest.)

She's eminantly worth reading. Let me know if she strikes a chord in your life.

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