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Women's Country - Characters

Gate to Women's Country is extraordinarily rich in characters and locations.

The main location is "Women's Country", the fortified towns where civilization is working to reestablish itself after a nuclear devastation. The Garrison is the home of the warriors, located outside the walls of the cities. There is a "Traveler's Rest" - an Inn located at the crossroads equidistant from four major cities. There is a fortified sheep camp, south of Marthatown, and close to a large devastation (land rendered uninhabitable by radiation.) Holyland is outside Women's Country, and is far south.

The city where Stavia lives is Marthatown. Other cities in Women's Country include:

Characters in Women's Country:
  • Stavia Morgotsdaughter Rentes Marthatown - the main character
  • Morgot Rentesdaughter Thalia Marthatown - her mother, a physician and member of the Women's Country Council
  • Myra Morgotsdaughter Rentes Marthatown - Stavia's sister
  • Sylvia - Morgot's friend and neighbor
  • Beneda - Sylvia's daughter, Stavia's best friend
  • Erica - Sylvia's sister, where Chernon stays during Carnival, when he cannot go home due to the issue with Vinsas
  • Tally - Myra's best friend
  • Joshua - a servitor (returned male) in Morgot's house. Originally from Abbyville.
  • Donal - a servitor in Morgot's household who returns about the same time Myra had her first child. Originally from Tabithatown.
  • Corrig - a servitor in Morgot's household who returns to Women's Country at the same time Habby returns
  • Minsning - a servitor in Sylvia's household
  • Michy - a woman playing a role in "Iphigenia at Ilium", the play presented annually before the Carnival
  • Susannah and Spring - Stavia's daughters. Note, the naming convention that guarantees no two people in Women's Country have the same initials, breaks down here.

In the Garrison:

  • Commander Sandom - in charge of the garrison when Stavia is a child
  • Michael - Vice commander of the garrison. Nominally Stavia's brothers' father
  • Stephon & Patras - Michael's buddies
  • Chernon - Sylvia's son, Stavia's infatuation
  • Barten - Myra's infatuation
  • Vinsas - a warrior who had a mad fixation on Sylvia
  • Besset - An itinerant spy
  • Casimir - A dying warrior
  • Marcus - Myra's son, Stavia's nephew
  • Jik - Runs the prostitute camp outside the city walls
  • Dawid - Stavia's son

In the Play:

  • Hecuba - Widow of King Priam of Troy, and mother of Hector
  • Andromache - Widow of Hector
  • The infant, Astyanax - Hector's son
  • The Ghost of Polyxena - Hecuba's daughter
  • Cassandra - Hecuba's daughter
  • Talthybius - a messenger
  • The Ghost of Iphigenia - Agamemnon's daughter
  • The Ghost of Achilles - A Greek warrior
  • Helen of Troy - Wife of King Menelaus (Greek), then abducted by Paris (Troy), then recaptured by the Greeks.

Others associated with Women's Country:

  • Septimus Bird - an itinerant entertainer/magician
  • Kostia and Tonia - His nieces
  • Bowough Bird - Septimus' father


  • Elder Resolution Brome - family patriarch with five wives
  • Susannah Brome - 6 living children, 29 years old - Capable (son, aka Cappy), Dutiful (son, aka Doots), Reliable (son, aka Rel), Chastity (daughter, about 13), Faith (daughter, about 10), Baby (son, about 1 year)
  • Cheerfulness Brome - 4 living children, including Retribution (son, about 35 years old), and Vengence (son, about 34 years 0ld)
  • Plenitude Brome - two stilborn children
  • Rejoice - 7 living children, including Firstborn, Determination, Preserved by the Lord, and Modesty (daughter)

  • Elder Jepson - family patriarch, father to 13 year old Charity, Perseverence's wife, and Thankfulness (34 year old son)

  • Elder Gavin - Family patriarch, husband to Gratitude, father to 14 year old Humility Gavin Brome (Firstborn's wife)

  • Elder Demoin - Family patriarch

  • Elder Simpson - Family patriarch

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