Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekend Update

What's happening at your library next week?

Here's the schedule for events for grownups, for the week of Saturday 8 November 2008 through Friday 14 November 2008:
(Click on the link for times, and more information)

Saturday 11/8/2008:
West Charleston Library: Anime Vegas
Clark County Library: Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival
Clark County Library: Film - Batman: Gotham Knight
Sahara West Library: An afternoon with Heart Lanier Shapre
Clark County Library: Film - Iron Man
Clark County Library: A Conversation with David Hajdu
Clark County Library: An evening with Michael Chabon

Sunday 11/9/2008
Sunrise Library: Sunday Morning Movie - Incredible Hulk
Whitney Library: Film - Predator

Monday 11/10/2008
Clark County Library: Film - Edge of America

Tuesday 11/11/2008
All Libraries closed to celebrate Veterans' Day

Wednesday 11/11/2008
Clark County Library: Based on True Events - Writing a Memoir
Sahara West Library: Latin Classes with Herman van Betten, PhD.
Clark County Library: UNLV Jazz Concert Series

Thursday 11/13/2008
Clark County Library: CineVegas From the Vault Film - Radiant

Friday 11/14/2008
No Events Listed

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