Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Trivia

Oddly enough, Laurie R King was talking about the realities of making a living as a writer, the other day on her blog. Bottom line, keep your day job. (How many copies of a book do you have to sell to make HOW much money????)

Richard Lederer (I do love his books!) pointed out that most of the writers we're familiar with actually DID have a day job - many of them unexpected.

Your task this week, should you decide to accept it, is to match the author with the day job!

Zane Grey
Lewis Carroll
Nathanial Hawthorne
O. Henry
Henry David Thoreau

Customs House Surveyor
Elevator Operator
Patent Office Clerk
Pencil Maker
(These are all writers' day jobs, but I haven't listed all the authors they belong to. Select the correct occupation. If you're really interested about the others, you can comment and I'll give you the other names!)

Here's the answer to last week's trivia question:
(Also from Richard Lederer's Literary Trivia)

As a young cadet, this American author was expelled from West Point for showing up to march wearing nothing but white gloves.
Edgar Allan Poe

When this Irish playwright was stopped by U.S. Customs, he proclaimed "I have nothing to declare but my genius!"
Oscar Wilde

When this American poet's first collection of poems appeared in 1855, the Boston Intelligencer's review read:
The author should be kicked out from all decent society as below the level of the brute. He must be some escaped lunatic raving in pitiable delerium.
Walt Whitman

1 comment:

G said...

Zane Grey – Dentist
Lewis Carroll – Mathematician
Nathanial Hawthorne – Surveyor
O. Henry – ???
Henry David Thoreau – Pencil Maker

Let's hear the other names!