Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Thursday - National Reading Group Month

Welcome to National Reading Group month! It's that time of year when we recognize that reading can be a social activity. Reading together can make a book more interesting, more fun, and even more understandable.

The Women's National Book Association created the event and sponsors activities to celebrate.

The Book Group Buzz blog notes that it's also Sun Dried Tomatoes Month, National Kitchen and Bath Month, and Squirrel Awarness Month. But for those of us involved in sharing amazing books, it's definitely National Reading Group Month!

This just in! Follow up to the Twilight Random Thursday post.

The final theatrical trailer for the movie Twilight will be released tonight. Follow for it here: (wait for it - the content can be a bit slow to load... Firefox users may need to download an updated version of Shockwave - then WAIT WAIT WAIT for the numbers!)

(Updated 10/16/2008)
I took the count-down widget out. You can see the new trailer on the official movie website.

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Lauren said...

Read more about the author and her vampire series at The Librarian's Brain.