Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Thursday - End of Opus, and more Neil Gaiman

I have been an avid follower of Berkeley Breathed's writing since the inception of Bloom County. After he retired Bloom County, he started Outland as a Sunday-only strip. Then he retired Outland, and started Opus as a Sunday-only strip. Breathed kept trying to retire the characters, but they kept creeping back, to my delight.

This Sunday, November 2nd, Breathed is finally and absolutely retiring Opus. He's promised that there will be no possibility of the characters' return. It's final. He's even running a contest to guess where Opus will finally end up.

He's going to devote his time to new characters, Pete and Pickles, and other children's books. They will live in book format only.

I wept over last Sunday's strip. Please join me in weeping this Sunday.
Here are the next two chapters of The Graveyard Book:

The Graveyard Book: Chapter 6 - Nobody Owens' School Days (63 minutes)

The Graveyard Book: Chapter 7 (part 1) - Every Man Jack (73 minutes)

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