Friday, October 31, 2008

Folly Wrap Up

What do you say at the end of the month about the book?

I had ambivalent feelings at the end of this one. I wanted more. And I was a bit creeped out that Rae was living in the house. Talk about having a ghost... Grandfather William would be there every minute with me. Rae is a stronger woman than I am.

As I've mentioned, there is a quasi-sequel to the book. Keeping Watch is Allen Carmichael's story. It deals heavily with Vietnam and with the Domestic Underground Railroad. It's much more "thriller-ish" that Folly is. It's a stressful read, and really quite wonderful.

The main characters in King's two series (the Holmes/Russell series and the Kate Martinelli Series) are both strong women. The main character in A Darker Place is also a strong woman. It's only with her most recent novels - Keeping Watch, Touchstone, and The Art of Detection that King introduces stong male main characters, speaking in the first person.

I only mention that because we're about to start another book with a strong female main character. I look forward to your joining me reading The Gate to Women's Country in November.

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