Friday, October 10, 2008

Folly - Woodworking

At the beginning of the book, we're eased into the idea that Rae builds stuff with wood. She finds three roofing nails in her tool belt. She tells the story of needing to stick up a bookshelf when Tamara was a baby. She builds the workbench around the tree.....

Soon, she mentions that she's a "furniture maker" and "her small pieces went for five figures in New York and Los Angeles...."

This is obviously not the "bashing together wood, hanging a shelf" that I was thinking of. What kinds of "wood pieces" would sell for $10,000 or more? It turns out there's a whole world of beautiful wood art out there about which impecunious librarians know nothing.

Some of these sites are commercial. Unless you really want to whip out your checkbook and write a five figure check, please just enjoy the pretty pictures with me:

Northwest Fine Woodworking (this has a nice picture gallery that rotates across the page)

Some lovely "smaller pieces"

Their list of artisans - mouse over each name on the right side of the page to see an example of their work.

Jeff Lind Woodworking OK, this is not the kind of thing I'm going to be buying at Target or Cost Plus and taking home and putting together with "No Tools Needed!"

Sothby's Furniture (this is the auction house. LOOK at these prices!)

Inside Passage School This is a woodworking school newsletter. Scroll down the page to see what this type of "working with wood" really looks like. Amazing. This would be the way Rae had spent her days before the accident - the things she was used to seeing, touching and doing. Imagine being shut in a hospital ward after that sort of life.

International Wood Collector's society And even an organization devoted to fine wood. A Wood Club. Great scott, I'm out of my depth.

Rae's family in Boston was wealthy. Rae herself appears to have made another fortune making "furniture" (read that, fine art.) Seeing how mentally unstable she is at the beginning of the book becomes as painful as reading about Van Gogh. Rae is an artist, a genius. And she wanted to kill herself.

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