Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Update

What's happening at your library next week?

Here's the schedule for events for grownups, for the week of Saturday 27 September 2008 through Friday 3 October 2008:
(Click on the link for times, and more information)

Saturday 9/27/2008
no events listed

Sunday 9/28/2008
Sunrise Library: Sunday Morning Movies - Forbidden Kingdom
Whitney Library: Mobster Movie Month - Resevoir Dogs

Monday 9/29/2008
Clark County Library: The History of Flamenco Dance

Tuesday 9/30/2008
Clark County Library: Tuesday Afternoon at the Bijou - Ace in the Hole
Clark County Library: In Black and White Film Series - Control

Wednesday 10/1/2008
Sahara West Library: Enhancing the Current You

Thursday 10/2/2008
Sahara West Library: Secrets of Tarot
Enterprise Library: Dream Interpretation
Clark County Library: CineVegas from the vault - Bubba Ho Tep
West Charleston Library: Ghost Hunting

Friday 10/3/2008
Clark County Library: Banff Mountain Film Festival - Radical Reels Tour

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Jim said...

I'm sad to say that what I've seen of the "Secrets of Tarot" presentation is biased and it stereotypes a certain aspect of culture. The Tarot was not originally intended to be a divination tool. The cards first appeared in the 15th century for the purpose of playing card games. They would only be used for the occult after the 18th century when an occult writer falsely attributed the origins of these cards to ancient Egypt. People today especially in places such as France play a card game with Tarot cards and there are now efforts to make these card games global. These biased presentations depicting Tarot exclusively in terms of its divinatory uses are harmful to the efforts of the Tarot game community to educate the public about our pastime.