Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Trivia

I was recently introduced to the entertaining writings of Richard Lederer. His little books are just the sort of thing to keep by your desk or bedside, and just dip into when you need a snicker.

These are not high-brow entertainment. They're more on the level of Mad-Libs. (How many of your parents handed Mad Libs to you, to keep you quiet in the back seat on long driving trips?)

Several of his books deal with Literary Trivia, and I have enjoyed these enormously! I thought I'd share some of these with you, on a weekly basis.

Here's the first - Play along, and put your answers (and comments!) in the comment section!

Pen-Ultimate Names:
Eric Arthur Blair wrote a long fable about a society in which some animals are more equal than others. In 1948, he published a novel about a nightmarish society of the future, one in which everybody has a Big Brother.

What is Eric Arthur Blair's pen-name? (Bonus points for more bragging rights: what are the names of these two books?)

This one is from Richard Lederer's Literary Trivia. We don't have this one in the library, but I got it very inexpensively from Amazon. I'm sure your favorite book store can get it for you also!

Be sure to post your answers in the Comments!

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