Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Thursday

People often ask the library if they can get a list of all the books they've checked out in the last year.

Because the library is very concerned about your privacy, we don't keep that information at all. Once you return an item in good condition, we wipe the record entirely.

That way, even if someone wants to someone wants to know everyone who checked out a Harry Potter book (or some other subversive title), we not only won't tell them, we can't tell them. We don't keep the information.

What's a person to do who wants to keep track of the titles they've read?

Here's a sneaky way:

Every time you read a book, log in to My Account, and then give the book a rating or review in the library catalog. Just click on the number of stars you think the book deserved. You'll see the place to click on the stars, or to add a review, just below the picture of the cover on the right side of the page. Remember, you have to be logged in to My Account for this to work! Then, go back to the My Account page and look for the My Ratings or My Reviews buttons, just below your name and address.

You'll see a list of every book you've reviewed or rated there. That way, you'll know which ones you've read, and whether or not you liked them!

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