Monday, September 15, 2008

Cheaper by the Dozen - Living in a large family

What was it really like, living in a family with twelve children?

Anne, the oldest, was getting ready for college when Jane, the youngest, was born, so there was a huge "generation gap" between the children.

Also, because there were so many children, Frank and Lillian were spread pretty thin.

(Ernestine) once said she had only been alone with her father twice in her life. ...going for a drive... was a great treat, for sometimes she got to sit in the front between her parents. "There were so many of us and so few of them that we could never see as much of them as we wanted." (Making Time, page 325)
What would it really have been like to grow up in a huge family? Would you have preferred to grow up with more siblings? Or fewer?

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