Friday, July 18, 2008

Anansi Boys - Hanging out with a god...

Throughout the book, Fat Charlie keeps running into the problem of how do you live a normal life, when you're hanging out with a god? When there's a god in the room, all the normal rules seem to go out the window.

Your fiancée decides it's OK to, er, explore the physical side of the relationship before marriage - just not with you. You find yourself up on the karaoke stage, even though stage fright makes you desperately ill. Birds that would normally avoid you (or just beg for crumbs) suddenly dive bomb you like something from a Hitchcock film.

What would it really be like to have a god in your life, messing with the normal way things work?

A couple of TV shows have dealt with that, like Xena, Warrior Princess, and Hercules the Legendary Journey. Even though these shows were pretty light comedies, Xena and Hercules did illustrate some of the problems you could have if gods kept popping in. In some cases they make bad thinks happen. In others, they save your bacon.

But, it would be pretty easy to start counting on the gods being around to save you. The unfortunate part of that is the old gods weren't notoriously reliable. You might count on them to save you if you fell off a cliff. But if they got distracted for a few minutes..... Oh well!

Tanya Huff, in Summon the Keeper, has a nice chapter about the old gods (and in this case they're really old) interfering in everyday life.

Would you like to have a god hanging about in your life? Or not?

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