Monday, June 30, 2008

Sister's Keeper - Wrap up

Did you enjoy this book? Would you read it again?

I've read it several times through for this discussion, and I think I'd be willing to read it again and again. (I love a good tear-jerker.)

Here are some bits and snips that I didn't include in earlier postings:

Siblings and terminal illness - how to be fair to the rest of the family?
Sibling issues 1
Sibling issues 2

Grief - grief is a big issue. Afterwards, Kate's dad "fell into a bottle" as a way of dealing with his grief.

One sort of grief is "Complicated Grief". Normal grief runs a fairly predictable course. But, sometimes grief just hangs on and on.

Here are some additional books the library has:

Helping grieving people when tears are not enough : a handbook for care providers

What to do before & after someone dies : a practical guide to help you through the worst possible time for making important decisions

Final exit : the practicalities of self-deliverance and assisted sucide for the dying

I kept track of how many chapters each character narrated:
Campbell: 13
Anna: 12
Sara: 10
Brian: 9
Jesse: 5
Julia: 5
Kate: 1 - Just that one at the end. And, maybe one more. Now that you've read the book, go back and read the prologue again.

And grab your box of tissues.

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