Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sister's Keeper - Terminal Illness

In this book, Kate is obviously dying. As hard as Sara tries to prevent it, Kate is just coming to pieces. It's not a question of "if", it's a question of "when".

Terminal illness is always a tough topic. It's not something you want to hear about yourself. It's not somthing you want to hear about a family member. Frankly, it's not a diagnosis I'd like to hear about anyone. However, we've all had it happen to someone we know.

How do people cope with being told they're dying, or that someone close is dying? Do you accept it? Do you fight it? How long?

In Sara and Kate's case this has been going on for about 13 years. Think about that. 13 years. Sara has been fighting this fight, knowing that giving up means Kate's death, for 13 years. Not a few months - 13 years. Sara is an unbelievably strong woman. I don't know if I could fight the fight that long.

In Kate's case, she's essentially living with this for as long as she can remember. There was a recent episode of Grey's Anatomy in which a very young woman (just turned 18 years old) suffered a relapse of the cancer she'd been battling all her life. ("The Heart of the Matter, originally aired 18 October 2007) She chose to not accept further treatment. Her choice about killed her family. But because she was legally an adult, she could and did make that decision. Kate is 15. How is she feeling about continuing the fight?

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