Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Great Gatsby: Chapt. 3 - Meeting Jay Gatsby

It's taken a while, but we've finally met Jay Gatsby, if only for a few moments.

That was quite a party! There was such a range of different types of people attending. It would have been a lot of fun to attend, just to people-watch. It's very different than the party we attended in Chapter 2 (at Myrtle's love-nest.)

Gatsby himself seems like a pretty down-to-earth sort of guy, in the brief moments where Nick got to talk with Gatsby. On the other hand, Jordan certainly isn't shaping up to be a very nice person, but Nick seems to be quite taken with her.

Question for the day: Which party would you rather have attended? Myrtle's? or Gatsby's? Why? And, why do you think that Nick is so taken with Jordan?


The Writers Blog said...

I enjoyed the party at Gatsby's more than the one at Myrtle's. The party at Myrtle's seemed filled with nervous energy, anxiety, and a force hilarity that didn't quite reach. It is a rather lurid setting that ends in violence. The party at Gatsby's was calmer, more elaborate, luxurious and the house seemed incredible. I would have loved to be invited to one of his parties, the opulence, the people. Just people watching would have been enough. I also liked the way that Jay Gatsby set himself apart from the party-goers.

Susan said...

Wouldn't that be amazing? Gatsby's house sounds fantastic!

However, I'm not sure I'd have enjoyed either party. (At least, after I got to look thru Gatsby's house!) I tend to like parties better when I know the people there.

Do you suppose the folks at Gatsby's had gotten to know each other after attending those parties weekly?