Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gatsby - Chapter 5 - Daisy and the Shirts

So Gatsby and Daisy finally get together. It seemed to take as much arranging as invading a small country!

Daisy and Gatsby seem horribly embarrassed and uncomfortable the entire time. Daisy may be embarrassed because she didn't actually wait very long for Gatsby. Gatsby may be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons - the physical symptoms involved with having the hots for Daisy, through the concern about whether Daisy is going to approve of his home (and thus possibly deal with the physical hots issue...)

The shirts! Gatsby pulling out and displaying all his shirts is such an enduring image from this book - as if the shirts where somehow the culmination of all his efforts to attract Daisy back.

Do you think that Gatsby is happy with the way things go with Daisy's visit?

Is Daisy suitably impressed with Gatsby's home and possessions?

Is the "home and possessions" really what Daisy was wanting?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Did you mean Daisy and the Shirts?

Susan said...

Oops! I sure did! Thank you for your sharp eyes! (I wonder which Dixie I was thinking about that day???) -Susan