Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gatsby - Chapter 4 - More Gatsby Parties

What a great overview of the generic Gatsby party! If you every wondered what an impersonal huge society party was like, this will certainly tell you.

Jay Gatsby also discusses his past. He certainly sounds like a romantic figure! What with being the only child of wealthy parents (now deceased), with a long family tradition of being educated at Oxford, and inheriting all that money when his parents died tragically...

How could Nick possibly have doubted Gatsby's account of his exciting life? That picture and the medal certainly proved that it was all true! (Remember this. We'll be speaking of it again in a later post!)

Meyer Wolfsheim certainly seems like a vulgar person. What could Gatsby be doing, associating with this shady character? Gatsby claims that Wolfsheim was the one who "fixed" the World Series in 1919, that led to the Black Sox Scandal. "Say it ain't so, Joe!"

Jordan also tells Nick the story of the romance between Gatsby and Daisy, and how Daisy ended up marrying Tom, and that Gatsby has purchased his house specifically to be close to Daisy. He hasn't forgotten their relationship, even if Daisy wasn't really willing to wait for him.

Here are your questions for the day:

Do you think that Gatsby is a truthful person? (Would you believe his story of his past?)

Should Gatsby get back in touch with Daisy?

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