Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clara Bow - The "It" Girl

The Clark County Library will be showing the 1927 silent film It on Tuesday, 1 April 2008 at 1 pm. This film is how Clara Bow got her nickname of "The It Girl."

Elinor Glyn wrote The Man and the Moment in 1923, coining the phrase "It" to personify appeal and charisma - sexual or otherwise. Glyn personally selected Clara Bow to play The It Girl in the film It in 1927.

Book Jacket: Clara Bow by David StennBow later married Rex Bell, and moved to the Walking Box Ranch, just outside Searchlight, Nevada. Her son, Rex Bell Jr., became District Attorney in Las Vegas.

There is a brief (10 minute) YouTube about Clara Bow's film career in the 1920s. The film clips really bring the 1920s to life, and show how silent pictures were very different than today's films, but still enormously entertaining. The Searchlight Library shares a building with the Searchlight Museum, which has mementos of Clara Bow and Rex Bell's careers and life in Searchlight.

As you're starting to read The Great Gatsby, stop by the Clark County Library, watch the film, and see the 1920s in action!

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Anonymous said...

Clara Bow in "It" is do funny. I read in " Las Vegas Babylon " by Jeff Burbank she is "Betty Boop".