Friday, August 22, 2014

Checkout What's New in the Kids eReading Room!

Kids eReading Room is just for kids. Quickly find picture books, easy readers, books to help with your home and great books for older elementary school children.
Did you know you can also watch videos of books on your tablet?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Movie Night is Just a Few Clicks Away!

Enjoy a great movie tonight!

View or download 10 movies a month with your Library Card!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

You asked for it! Now it's here! New features in the eMedia Catalog.

Look what's new with the eMedia Catalog!

suspend hold Suspend a Hold
This feature will allow users to temporarily suspend a hold in the waiting list. The user’s position will continue to advance in the queue while their hold is suspended, but the hold will not be filled. After the suspension ends, the title will continue to advance until the hold becomes available. If a user advances to the first position in the waiting list while the hold is suspended, the system will skip ahead to fill the next available hold.
 suspend hold2suspend hold3

Hold Auto-Checkout
auto checkoutAt the time a user places a hold, the option to ‘auto-checkout’ the title when it becomes available can be set. Users who elect this option will receive a notification when their title is available confirming that it has been checked out and can be found on their account bookshelf. Users who do not select this option will follow the current hold notification process.
auto checkout 2
 Users who select this option but are unable to borrow the title at the time it becomes available (because they have already reached their maximum checkout limit, for example) will be sent the current hold notification email and will have the full hold pickup period to make their checkout.

Maturity Settings
Two options will be added to the Account Settings page that will allow users to customize their browsing and discovery experience based on content maturity level: The ability to exclude certain content based on the maturity level (Juvenile, YA, General, Adult). This will allow adult users to exclude titles for younger readers and young readers to exclude adult-only titles from their experience.
 More information how to use this setting is available in this OverDrive Help article:

 “Recommended for you” collection After a user signs in, a collection of recommended titles will appear on the homepage. Recommended titles will be available for checkout and suggested based on titles the user currently has checked out or on hold. If a user does not have any checkouts or holds, this collection will not appear.
 recommended for you

 “And” Boolean Searching Based on partner feedback to improve search results, default search behavior will change from “OR” to “AND.” Following this change, the number of results returned for a search will likely be lower than with the current behavior, but this change will meaningfully improve the relevancy of the results.

Some Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements as well.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Features Make the eMedia Catalog more user friendly!

We changed two features in the eMedia Catalog - Wish List and the app now remembers your Library card number.
When you are logged into your eMedia account and perform a search, any title in the result set is on your Wish List you will now see a red flag on the cover of the book. In addition we finally got back the remember Library Card number in the OverDrive Media Console app as well on computers. 

We hope this